G5 Montec Pre Season

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If you plan on hunting with a Montec this season, you need a pack of the Montec Preseason broadheads from G5. These heads are dimensionally identical to the Montec, providing identical flight characteristics to the actual Montec hunting head. The blade edges are rounded to reduce target wear and to provide a safer head for practice. Eliminate the transition time between field points and broadheads and get better hunting practice with the Montec Preseason from G5. 100% carbon steel.


Dimensionally identical to the Montec providing predictable flight characteristics
• Unsharpened for practice use, rounded edges reduce wear on targets
• Black color of the lubricious wear-resistant coating easily distinguishes it from the hunting version
• Eliminates need to re-tune
• One piece construction
• 100% steel tough
• 100% spin tested
• 100 gr.
• 3 blade design
• 1-1/16" cut diameter
• 3 broadheads per pack