Which Bow Won Our Personal 2019 Shoot Out?

Which Bow Won Our Personal 2019 Shoot Out?

Hoyt Carbon RX3- This high-end bow is an expansion of the Redwrx series, and it brings new carbon riser technology for a rigid, lightweight shooting experience that has dampened down vibration considerably. An all-new grip system allows left-to-right adjustability for the shooter, increasing tuning ability and center shot alignment for personalized accuracy. And shock pods dampen vibration even further. This is a bow designed to be quiet, smooth, and powerful.

The RX-3 shoots up to 342 fps. Across the series, you can find bows at draw lengths from 25″ to 32″ and weights from 30 to 80 pounds. Axle-to-axle heights are available at 30.5″, 31″, and 34″. And at 3.9-4.1 pounds in hand, you’re looking at a lightweight shooting experience. This bow is the most expensive in the lineup, but the variance allows you to dial into your specifications.

Our Thoughts- The RX-3 felt pretty good in the hand with a solid new adjustable grip. As for the draw cycle, it was quite nice, although it did have a spongy back wall compared to the other two. The RX-3 held on paper exceptionally well for its weight. With the shot came a little bit of vibration, which was expected for how light of a bow it is with no accessories mounted on it at the time. Overall a real solid bow especially if you are looking for something in the lighter market to pack around all day in the hills!

Hoyt RX-3


Mathews Vertix-  The Vertix contains some of the more innovative technology in the 2019 lineup. Unlike a typical bow, the Vertix boasts Switch weight modules that allow the shooter to change draw weights in 5-pound increments, from 50 to 75 pounds. Each additional module costs $40, and the technology allows you to change your draw weight dramatically within the mods of your bow without changing your limbs.

The basics of this bow leave it at 30″ axle-to-axle, with a 6″ brace height. Additionally, the Engage Grip reduces torque, providing a smooth, quiet shot from beginning to end. The integrated dovetail rest is also a new addition, providing stability and less opportunity for movement.

Our Thoughts- The first thing noticed with the Vertix was the near extra pound it weighed more than the RX-3 and the SR6, but with that extra weight it was able to easily perform, very dead in the hand with little vibration and the least amount of noise in the comparison. Now the draw cycle may have been where the Vertix lacked, it was a little rougher and seemed harder to draw than the others. With all this in play, we are going to have to say that the Vertix had that best grip out of the three, and was very comfortable in the hand. A great bow, to say the least, one that is very enjoyable to shoot.

Mathews Vertix - Hunting Bow

Bowtech Realm SR6- Bowtech adds to its Realm line with SR6. The SR6 is “Speed Redefined,” and it adds a new level of speed and power to the Realm line-up. A speed of 352 fps is fast, and it’s also a 32″ axle-to-axle with a 6″ brace height. Three draw weights are offered in the SR6, with draw lengths available from 25.5 to 30”. The weighted overdrive binary cams combined with a front-heavy draw cycle allow for an increase in speed and power while remaining smooth on the draw.

Our Thoughts- Now with the SR6 being considered a speed bow, it was expected to be a bit rougher of a shooter, this is where it really shined. The SR6 had a draw cycle that was very smooth, up there with the RX-3 even. The grip was exceptional, and the bow held very well on target with a good solid back wall. The shot brought slight vibration similar to the RX-3. In terms of noise, it was a little louder than the Vertix, but what seemed to be even a little less than the RX-3. With the bit of extra speed this bow was putting out, performance was nothing short of great.

Bowtech Realm SR6


Conclusion- With all factors such as vibration, weight, draw cycle, speed, and price taken into account, we are going to have to say that we would pick the Bowtech SR6 first, Mathews Vertix second, and the Hoyt RX-3 in third. These are all top of the line bows, each has its own niche that makes them both unique and great.  The differences in the performance from these bows are all personal preference and is just one of those things that you are going to have to go over to your local pro shop, and test shoot each of them in order to decide which one is right for you!

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